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Welcome to the English edition of the Sørensen Family pages. We are Trygve, Mona og Jens-Henrik Sørensen. We are living in Jens-Henrik's child hood home in Brønngata 6.

The house is situated in the western part of Larvik. We have a view to the light house at Svenner and are in a waking distance from three beaches in a few minutes.

Jens-Henrik's ancestors have been living in the same house since early in the sixteenth century. In 2011 we will celebrate 300 years anniversary. Discovering this heritage has made very interested in genealogy.

Langestrand has a central place in Norwegian history being the central industrial iron works site since 1550 and until 1855. This gave the citizens of Langestrand the same rights and duties as the citizens of the mining societies at the silver mines at Kongsberg and the copper mines of Røros during the the Norwegian union with Denmark.


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Planning to translate all the genealogy pages in to English and then convert them this style scheme.


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17th of June 2007
  • New pictures of the farms on my mothers side of the family
  • Corrected broken link to family pages
  • New page with findings on the property

7th of April 2007

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